3d Filaments Toy

by DonnaGibney94465724 posted Jan 17, 2016


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I large 3d filament printer (www.youtube.com) have a makerbot2 and this stuff doesn't stick to gold watches the conventional blue painters tape area. I've tried temperatures from 190 to 250 and nothing appears to work with temp. This might be with a perfectly balanced base plate as well. We'll hold trying to get it working of course but We haven't found a fix at the time of however. It looks good and all sorts of the reviews had been great but to date my experience has-been bad. I have been carefully impressed with this printing product.

gold watchesMy prints are all with a PrintrBot Plus with heated bed and blue painters tape (#2090). I 3d print filament with the extruder set to 210C, the heated wager set to 70C, additionally the print rate usually set-to 60-70 mm/s. The prints have a very good adhesion towards the bed without requiring any severe steps to get rid of the ultimate printing. Extremely pleased with the Da Vinci Filament Cartridges. It is extremely good the device keeps track of the quantity of filament Used Large 3D Printers and tell you whenever your planning to go gold watches out.

Utilized 4 complete cartridges of 600 grms thus far without any issue. Hope XYZprinting comes out with Poly-carbonate after PLA next year.


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